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  La Valley, the mountain towering, covered the hot sunshine most of the time, on the side of the mountain shade out the ups and downs of the shade of the bottom of Griess River, the river water is full of cool wind brings.

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  The city of Wu Xiao will be pushed to the front of the pupil Xiao red, then turned and went to the Phoenix side, hand comfort nature patted her on the shoulder. Of course, in time to see the face of the Phoenix several shocking bloodstains, Wu Mou of the city are not controlled deep up. He pinched his fists, to try to control yourself, can not go out of trouble reaching Xiao, but the Rao is such, he looked at Xiao Xiao red eyes and pupil or with a thick smell of gunpowder.

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  Liu Bang: not to leave alone, how to do Fan Kuai anxious: don't worry about those rules, now human Daozu, I fish, but also to what!

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  Let snow looked carefully over the East Spring, she does not have a thing, it slowly relieved, hugged the East Spring Rong son, don't let me worry he cannot afford her a little bit dangerous.

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